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Are you in need of someone to clean your roof? Are you already tired of looking at the dark color of your roof? Do you worry about what is in your roof and what damage could have been done it in? We understand your concern. Give us a call and we would be happy to wash your roof. They would look clean as soon as we finish and it will look like you have a new roof installed. We, Power Washing Town N Country, offer the Power Washing Service. We cater to residential and commercial roofs and other buildings that need to be cleaned.

We only use soft washing for your roof as we understand how they could be sensitive to force. Soft washing has been used by our company for all the roof cleaning services we make so that you will get the best service we can offer. We have our own solution that we have made that is approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). It has been tried and tested by our customers that had availed of our service. Now we regularly do the power washing service for their homes and buildings.

Our price is competitive and it gives you a high quality of service. That is why we have an edge to our competitors as backed by our customers. We do not charge just because we like but according to the quality of service that we give. Each job has its own estimation as all factors are assessed to give you a fair service with the money that you spent.

So if you need our power washing service do not hesitate to make the call. Inquiries are welcome and you can see a page on our site where you can read tips and other necessary and helpful information for your present and future needs. Dial us today and try to consult about our other services such as paver cleaning and gutter cleaning.


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Why Do You Need Roof Cleaning

It is dirty and unpleasant to look. Your roof is part of your house that could not be neglected. You have arranged an interior designer to make your home fabulous but if you also forget your roof, its overall look could be tainted with disappointment. Your home can not have the overall fabulous look without your roof being cleaned. Call our power washing service and we would help you make it clean and pleasant to look at.

The discoloration of your roof is caused by algae, lichen, mildew, molds and also moss. That is why you will see that color changes as time passes by.

It is an investment. Your home, as you had been told and read or heard many times, is your investment. That is why you do not want it to lose some value. If you have a plan to sell it, its value could increase when the roof looks clean and in good condition. If you are planning to sell your home, call our power washing service so you can get a good price.

Your roof will be damaged if left unclean. Everything that is being used needs some cleaning at some point in time. Your roof also needs to be cleaned at least once a year. That is because of the algae or the molds or mildew cause damage to your roof. They can weaken your roof and small damages could happen that could result in expensive repairs.

The lifespan of your roof will shorten be shortened if not cleaned. With the presence of algae, molds, mildew and other organic products in your roof, this will cause damage to it. If not cleaned then the lifespan of your roof will be shortened. You need repair or replacement of your roof and it would be another expense. Try checking also our other services like window cleaning and commercial pressure washing.

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Why Use Soft Washing And Not Pressure Washing

Soft washing of roof involves the use of chemicals that are sprayed into the roof. In the 1990s the use of electrical agricultural sprayer system has originally been developed that has proven to be safe and effective. The equipment is used as a sprayer to apply the cleaning solution that was made. This solution will kill any bacteria, algae, moss, fungi, molds, mildew, and other organic organisms that reside in the roof. This then would result in a clean and looking new roof. The discoloration would be gone and the roof is cleaned to look as new as like before. This method is highly recommended because it will not cause damage to the roof. The solution also is monitored by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers’’ Association and gives the right recommended mixture of the cleaning solution.

Pressure washing involves the use of a mechanical device or a flat-surface cleaner in cleaning roofs. The cleaning effect relies on the machine and not on any cleaning solution. The pressure that is applied could cause damage to the roof and one who does the job should also be very careful about where he steps. Compared to the soft washing where there is no direct physical contact between the roofs and the cleaner, pressure washing requires physical contact. That is why pressure washing is not used anymore in roofs in most areas. We at, Power Washing Town N Country, know this that is why everyone who avails of our power washing service for your roof cleaning expects us to use soft cleaning.

The Cleaning Material

Power Washing Town N Country uses a chemical solution that is safe for your roof. This has been approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) based here in Florida. It has been proven as we had used this solution for over 15 years mostly here in Town N Country and the whole Florida where we offer the power washing service for roof cleaning.

If you need roof cleaning services, just call Power Washing Town N Country and someone on the other end of the line will answer your call. They are trained employees who will make every effort to make your every call a pleasant and fruitful one.

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