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If you are a firm believer that first impressions last, then you should be wholly concerned about the state of your driveway. Why? Because it is the very first thing that guests will notice before they even get to step inside your house.

And so, to make sure that you leave a great impression that lasts with an immaculate-looking driveway, give the driveway cleaning professionals over at Power Washing Town N Country a call today and feel free to consult about our other services such as roof cleaning and window cleaning ! 


About Our Services

Let’s say you’re paying a visit to an old friend of yours right across town. You’re excited to see them, as you haven’t hung out since the both of you graduated from college over a decade ago and immediately went your separate ways. Then, one day you bumped into one another at the local department store and they invite you over to catch up.

And so, you make a final turn and see an unkempt driveway, with weeds growing from the cracks and concrete that has definitely seen better days. You do a double take to make sure that you have the correct address and realize that this place is it. You shudder, thinking that if your friend can’t even take care of an area that is entirely visible to the public, how crummy and messy can the inside of their house be?

Now, this is not the impression you definitely don’t want to be leaving upon other people. And let’s be honest: laying your eyes on a spotty-looking driveway filled with oil and dried leaf stains can be maddening especially if that driveway is YOURS!

However, having a messy driveway is no cause for concern, especially when the driveway-cleaning experts at Power Washing Town N Country are just a call away. With their help, you can soon say goodbye to dirty driveways and hello to spick and span ones.

Get in touch today and have a pristine driveway in no time .

Why Do You Need Driveway Cleaning?

If you thought that concrete driveways and sidewalks are immune to fungi growth, then you’re dead wrong. Regardless of how well put-up your driveway initially is, it will deteriorate over time and lose its pristine and immaculate appearance and you would soon see the black or green mold, which are dangerous things to watch out for as these can cause people to slip and potentially experience serious injuries.

Aside from that, houses that have green mildew or black fungus seen on their driveways and sidewalks are just awful to look at, resulting in poor curb appeal and concrete destruction. In addition, it can also become a breeding ground for mold spores.

However, you can avoid all these with the expert help of the professionals here at Power Washing Town N Country. Our painstaking pressure washing process will remove all of the dirt and fungus, and will also prevent it from ever coming back, giving your driveway a fresh appearance that raises your curb appeal substantially. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like commercial pressure washing and concrete cleaning.

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You don’t have to look far and wide for answers to your driveway cleaning needs.

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Why Should You Get Us?

Experienced Experts

With our cleaning professionals boasting of more than 20 years of service, the experts at Power Washing Town N Country can definitely help you out. No matter how huge or small the job is, our experts are committed to delivering results.

We Work With Both Integrity and Sincerity

We are committed to delivering results with a professionalism that is second to none. With our team, you can rely on unbiased and truthful assessment at every single step of the process.

Environmental Friendly Practices

Here at Power Washing Town N Country, we definitely care about the environment, and because of our environmental awareness, all of our cleaning and pressure washing items are ALWAYS environmentally friendly.

Convenient Service Packages 

Want to hit many birds with one stone? That is not a problem as Power Washing Town N Country offers service packages that are reasonable and best of all, convenient.

We Are Here to Serve You

Our clients mean everything to us. Simply put, clients are KINGS (and QUEENS). We are happy if you come away from the experience satisfied.

We live to serve you and fulfill your driveway cleaning needs. Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you.

Who Are We?

At Power Washing Town N Country, we provide safe and efficient pressure cleaning regardless of the type of surface. We have a wide array of residential and commercial cleaning services that include the cleaning of decks, roofs, stone and brick buildings or walkways, concrete flooring, wood fences, driveways and a whole lot more.

Here at Power Washing Town N Country, we are 100% committed to giving our esteemed clients with the very best in professional cleaning services. We strive to fulfill services that would elicit complete satisfaction from our clients.

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