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A home is a family’s prized possession since it says a lot about how a family is, how they go through different days and how they relate with other people. Families usually have different jobs to do around the house. These tasks can span simple chores like doing the dishes or more complicated tasks such as fixing home appliances and general cleaning tasks. When it comes to these usual jobs around the house, it can be easy to manage. However, most of the simple tasks revolve around the interior of the house which is probably the most important part of the house since families spend most of their time indoors be it just relaxing and resting or entertaining guests and hosting parties. 

With this being said, it may be hard to admit but the exterior of the house becomes neglected. It could be because as mentioned, people spend more time indoors rather than outdoors, but it could also be because cleaning the exterior areas of the house can be difficult and time consuming. The surfaces are made to withstand the changing seasons and to resist staining. However, over time it does get a bit beaten up and will inevitably need cleaning. When the time comes, you might think about doing it yourself. This will definitely save you money rather than contacting a service provider to professionally clean your home’s exterior. It may seem like a better alternative to professional cleaning but you will see that your exterior will not be at its best condition since you will not be able to use the proper tools and materials to clean your exterior. Call us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as gutter cleaningwindow cleaning, and commercial pressure washing.


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Power washing is a common choice for cleaning exteriors of homes. This is usually effective because it can get rid of stubborn dirt, dust, grime, mold, and mildew on your outdoor walls, concrete and decks. Power washing can be used on driveways, walls, roofs, patios and concrete fixtures. Power washing is also a good choice prior to repainting the exterior of your homes as it dislodges flaking paint to ensure the smoothest paint job possible is achieved. You may be asking why power washers are usually the most effective tool to use in cleaning exterior surfaces. Power washers are designed to blast hot water at high pressures. They usually expel liters and sometimes gallons per minute. This system dislodges most dirt and stains effectively compared to using cleaning solutions or vigorous scrubbing. Especially for painted surfaces, this method can be more gentle on the paint rather than continuous scrubbing.

When the time comes for proper and professional exterior cleaning, contact Power Washing Town & Country. We are a company specializing in exterior cleaning, power washing and soft washing for your home exterior. Our staff is equipped and trained well and will be able to do the job correctly and properly. Being in the industry for over ten years, we have gained a lot of experience and we will be able to work with whatever job is thrown our way. We have dealt with houses with various conditions as well as with different requests and clients. You can be confident that we will be able to clean your exterior properly and damage free. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like driveway cleaningroof cleaning, and concrete cleaning.

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We are composed of on site cleaners and our office based staff. Our on site cleaners are the one who actually goes to your house to clean. Our quality as a company rests on them and they know that. They know what they are doing and what is best for your home as they have been trained and they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to clean your exterior effectively. We work closely with them to ensure that they uphold consistency in the quality of the jobs they put out there. We make sure that we not only meet your expectations but we aim to exceed them. We rely on our office based staff to answer calls and set appointments. The service starts with them and they understand the responsibility they have to give our clients a smooth service. Our customer service team is well trained and knowledgeable. They will be able to answer your queries, give you a quote for your desired service and set appointments for you. We know how frustrating it is to talk to someone who seems like they do not  know what they are doing. With our company, we make sure our clients talk to professionals every single time.

We make sure that the equipment and materials we use are top quality and state of the art. This is to ensure that 1). Our team’s effort does not go to waste. We know how capable and talented our team is and we will not let outdated and faulty equipment plus ineffective supplies get in the way. 2). We make sure we are able to cater to all kinds of houses- even the newer models. With the changing materials on the market, we need to be competitive and upgrade equipment and materials as time goes by. 3). Clients have different demands and needs and we aim to meet or even exceed their expectations all the time. As service providers, our success as a company relies on the satisfaction of our customers since they are the ones who will testify in regards to our process and our overall quality as a company.

So, when in need of professional exterior cleaning and power washing services, do not hesitate to contact Power Washing Town & Country. We have been doing our services for many years now and we can assure you that we always keep the quality of our services in check. We know how hard you have worked for your homes and we aim to take care of them as best as we could. After all, it is your investment. We work closely with each client to be able to get a picture of what they want done and how they want it done and we make that mental image come to life. Contact us today for a quote.

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